7 steps for successfully onboarding your new freelancers

Outsourcing is a common  practice for large companies to save time, money and increase efficiency. Finding the right fit for your project is not the easiest task, so if you have finally spotted and hired a promising talent, you certainly want to keep them for long-term, so that you do not have to repeat the whole screening and trial process all over again. So if you want to make sure your new hire doesn’t leave you at the end of their first month, here is your ultimate checklist for making their transition into a new role as smooth as possible.

  1. Provide your new freelancers with the list of tools they will need for work so that they can install and get familiar with them beforehand.  Depending on the job position, the list might include your CRM systems, your eCommerce platform, version control systems, communication and time tracking tools…etc.
  2. worldtimebuddyWhen you outsource your projects to freelancers in other countries, you will definitely face time-zone differences. To avoid confusions from both sides use time convertors for planning your online meetings. We recommend World Time Buddy as a user-friendly option.
  3. Use task management systems to keep the assignments clear and organized. There are plenty of good options including Trello, Manifestly, Asana. Choose the one that suits you best.
  4. Introduce your newly hired freelancers to their teammates and let them know who does what so that they know which person to approach if they have any specific questions.
  5. Fill them in on the current state of your business, explain the short- and long-term goals, as well as the main problems and tasks at hand.
  6. Start by assigning them smaller tasks from multiple aspects of the project. That way they’ll quickly get a grasp of the whole business.
  7. Have one-on-one meetings at the end of each week to provide feedback on their  progress and answer their questions.

As you might have noticed we didn’t include anything about the HR paperwork, workspace setup, payment transactions and taxes which are essential components of the onboarding process. The reason is that when you hire freelancers with CoOutsource, we take care of all of that for you. In addition, provide your freelancers with comfortable and functional workspaces, equipped with all that’s necessary for an effective work process. Our Team and Work Progress managers insure the freelancer attendance and punctuality to eliminate the cases of them disappearing for unknown periods and reasons, as it usually happens when hiring someone online. In other words, we turn outsourcing into a real “in-house” experience for you.

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