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How to effectively outsource IT projects

 The nature of modern IT is complex and with innovations taking place as you are reading this,  it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage in-house. Thus many companies outsource their IT projects to offshore companies and individuals who get the job done with impressively low costs and even more impressive quality. There is a wide choice of outsourcing options, but finding the safest and most cost-effective option is a challenging task.

There are popular freelance websites that lure employees to hire their freelancers, but if you are not cautious, it is easy to fall prey to scams. Besides these marketplaces usually charge a gigant fee of about 20% of the entire cost of the project. And these websites do not hold responsibility for the quality or outcome of the process — they simply introduce you to their freelancers and take the fee. Of course, if something goes terribly wrong, you might receive a part of your money, but what about the time you have lost, and the project that you got ruined? They simply do not care. Moreover, this kind of freelance websites are filled with fake accounts of people who do not have anything to do with the skill-set and portfolio they showcase in their profile pages, and are simply there to steal your time and money.  You certainly will not enjoy the results if you accidentally hire one of them.

However, outsourcing can be enjoyable and effective, if organized and managed correctly. So what if you could outsource your projects directly to the country you select and have all the process organized and monitored for you?

Armenia is a great place to start with. IT is the fastest growing industry in Armenia. The country boasts numerous well-established IT companies as well as successful start-ups and individual freelancers who offer a wide range of web development and design services. These companies serve the local market needs but the major part of their workload comes from bigger companies from abroad, countries like The USA, Great Britain, Canada, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Russia …etc. These companies outsource their projects to Armenia for 4 prominent reasons:


4 Prominent Reasons to Outsource your IT Projects to Armenia

Cost: One of the key reasons that Armenian companies and individual freelancers are so popular is that in addition to excellent skill-set and solid experience Armenia offers considerably low costs for high quality work.

Communication: Most freelancers providing IT and related services speak English fluently as a part of their professional skill-set, thus there could be no language barrier between them and their English-speaking clients.

Experience: Armenian IT specialists are known for brilliant brains and excellent work ethics. Once you find the right provider, you can build long-term relationships with them, explore their other skills and use that to grow your business. You will find that many freelancers specialize in a large spectrum of services that you might need and once again you can reduce your expenses by outsourcing those projects as well. That way you will have a go-to provider for all future assignments.

Safety: If have made up your mind to outsource your projects to Armenia and need help to make your outsourcing experience easy and safe, it’s time to meet CoOutsource a comprehensive outsource platform that ensures your safe and effective outsourcing process from start to finish.


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